A trip to Asakusa

Asakusa located in the northern part of Tokyo is well worth a visit. You can walk there for hours just to absorb the atmosphere, the sounds and the smell of everything from city pavement to newly baked cakes filled with vanilla custard. Asakusa was once mostly famous for being the number one entertainment district in Tokyo but now days it is the Buddhist temple Sensō-ji that stands for the main attraction (and of course the market that surrounds the temple area).

This is the main entrance to the market in Asakusa.

Tiny shops are cramped together on each side of the streets. Here you can find everything from kimonos, candy, swords to more ordinary “welcome to Tokyo” souvenirs.

Not everything that looked like “sweets” where sweet. Let´s just take it as a learning lesson in Japanese traditional sweets.

This huge bronze burner with incense stands near the entrance of the temple. The smoke says to be holy so everybody embraces them self with it in hope of good fortune and happiness. And no, there is no connection to the smoke, the burner or the temple to the German Nazi party. The Swastika has been around as a symbol long before the German party used it after the First World War.

Light a candle and make a wish.

Or just make a wish (but don´t forget to offer a coin as well).

Looking out from the main temple you can see the bronze burner in the middle of the courtyard and to the left there is a well where you should wash your hands and mouth before entering the temple.

/Thomas Tanisawa