So what type of gear do I use when taking my pictures?

I think the most important thing when choosing a camera is to choose one that feels comfortable taking pictures with. Some cameras take sharp, detailed and crisp images but have the drawback not being logical… logical to me at least and others cameras simply doesn’t feel “right”.

Love Sinars large format but with large format comes sore shoulders… and not that many pictures taken… Love Hasselblads 6×6 format simply because of the clean square format.

Today I have switched “back” again to a Leica M9 from a Canon 5D mark II. Feels nice to have moved back to a more manual feeling (and less weight) when taking pictures. For lenses I have chosen a Leica Summicron 28/2.0 mm and a Leica Summicron 50/2.0. I was thinking a lot if I wanted a 35 or a 28. Would 35 feel too close to the 50? Hard because 35 is a classic… anyway, now that I got the 28 I thing I stick with it.

(And when it’s finally my turn to win the lottery, I´ll switch from Summicron to Summilux)

Apart from the Leica M9 I have a Panasonic GF-1 with at pancake 20/1.7 that works really well… except from focusing precise on aperture 1.7…

/Thomas Tanisawa