Spending some time in the subway net

Subway in Tokyo. Almost 9 million commuters every day… The central nerve that is divided between two companies, Tokyo Metro and JR-Line. Luckily you can use the same tickets on both line, but you need to “check in” when changing form one to the other. This is easy done just by swiping your ticket, but if you somehow miss it you will have to explain to a Japanese speaking ticket officer. This can obviously be a challenge if you don´t speak Japanese…


Photos takes with Leica M9 and 50 summicron, the perfect travel companion.


Warning signed everywhere and marking on the ground showing where the doors of respective subway car will be. Everyone stands in line after the markings and they all look funny at you when you stand somewhere else when waiting for the train.


Someone has done an excellent job polishing the floor…


Micronap. Don´t know if it is to be alone for a minute or if they are really tied, but most of them looks like they fall asleep…


They all stand in line at the markings, everyone.


DJ.Taro on the taking the sub.

/Thomas Tanisawa