Subway in Tokyo. Must be both frustrating and frightening before you figure out how everything works in the subway. Once you figure out what to look for, how to plan your trips and how to purchase tickets its actually quite simple.

1: Buy a Suica or Passmo travel card. It’s like a refill card with credits for the subway (and a lot of other things as well).


2: Fill the card with travel money. This can be done in refill machines at every subway station  (Yes, there is a button marked “English”!)

3: Just go!


Prepare to stand on every train…

Ok, when traveling the biggest problem could be to find the right track. Some stations are VERY large and there can be a lot of walking if you don’t know where to go. There are maps on every station so use them!

Two students who ate a quick lunch at the station, curry, rice and white shirts…

This is quite unusual… an empty station.