Here is another round of shoots that I took in Tokyo during vacation. The funny thing about Tokyo is that it is so many different things going on everywhere. There is always a new shopping mall that’s about to open, always some park that is hosting an event of some kind, always something to see. So if you like to take pictures there is always something going on somewhere, you just have to find it.

The strange thing about this man wasn’t the man himself, it was that everybody was trying their hardest not to look at him…

What is the best way to get you message out to the crowd? Shout?

You were not allowed to park you bicycle on this particular location.

An aquarium full of Fugi. The fish contains a deadly poison that shuts down you neural system. There is today no known cure for those who have the unfortunate of eating a peace containing the poison.

I wonder if the fish actually is that good, or if it´s because of the thrill… guess there is only one way to find out.


In one of the many street corners in Tokyo there was a small angel watching.

Outside almost every hotel or shopping mall there were stands for wet umbrellas. Place you umbrella in a slot and lock with the key. Signed by /The management

In making an effort to make the gray streets a little bit greener!


/Thomas Tanisawa