Yanaka Cemetery

Just outside Ueno subway station you will find the Yanaka cemetery. I have already published a photo from here but I thought that the place deserves some more photos since it is so beautiful.

The cemetery itself takes up around 100000m2 and has over 7000 graves so it is quite big so if you want to see it all, it takes a day or two… The cemetery is mostly famous for the main road in the middle that has large cherry trees on both sides that completely cover the sky and ground in white and pink flower if you time the season right.

Yanaka cemetery temple

This is the temple area that is located in the beginning of the cemetery, if you arrive here by the subway. On this photo it looks quite empty, believe me it was not. Hundreds of people walking around or sitting down reading or just relaxing everywhere… except when I took this photo. I somehow manage to capture a photo with no one in it.

Yanaka cemetery graves

Yellow leaves covered the ground and gave everything a warm golden shine. Just perfect for this place!

Yanaka cemetery cat

A small guardian was sitting in the sun just looking at all the people wandering by.
I only spent an hour or so at the cemetery but if I have had more time I would have bought a lunch box and parked myself at a bench.

Perhaps next time I´ll bring more company then just my Leica.

/Thomas Tanisawa