Easter in Skåne 2014

Time again to publish some new photos. I have been terrible bad at updating the blog but other things has always come between me and the blog. You know, busy doing nothing… Anyway, here comes the first post from Skåne.
During the Easter the whole family went down to Skåne to spend some time during the kid’s holiday. The weather during Easter 2014 will be remembered as one of the best ever! Lovely sunshine and up to +20. Not bad at all considered that last Easter there was snow on the ground… So armed with the Leica M9 we went out in the sunshine.

birches in skåne

This is taken in the woods not far from the summerhouse in the small “town” of Tolånga. You probably wouldn’t call it a town, more like a village since there are only around twenty houses or so.

ella picking stensöta

Ella is picking something that in Sweden is called Harmynta. I do not know the English name but it is a small white flower and the leaves is eatable and taste a little sour.


I tried to take a closer picture so that someone might recognize the plant and send me the correct name.

bokskog skåne

Just by looking at the trees here makes me see treehouses everywhere. How cool wouldn’t it be to have a treehouse high up in those trees! Imagine climbing up there, bring coffee the camera and look when the sun goes down. Must be more the spectacular!


More down to earth and definitely clo    ser to the ground the birches glows green in the sunlight. Good news for everyone loving the spring and bad news for all the allergic people out there, including me…

More posts are comming soon!


Behing the keyboard, Thomas Tanisawa