Summer in Skåne

Once again I´m in Skåne for a quick vacation with the family. This time the weather was on our side and the sun shined for a whole week!

I went out a couple of times to take some shoots but it was almost too warm to be wandering around. Anyway, here are some of the shoots. These are taken at Ales stenar, a place well worth a visit!

Leica M9 and 50 summicron

Que to Ales stenar

There were a lot of tourists hiking in the beach and on the high cliff side. Almost everyone was stopping at this information sign to read the latest information regarding Ales stenar. The guy on the left side however was in some way involved in the studying or exploration of Ales stenar and by the looks of it, nothing new will be discovered within the next couple of years…

Ales stenar

This is Ales stenar (Ales stones). The stone formation is almost 70 meter long and consists of 67 large rocks. No one actually knows what it is apart from being stones placed in a boat shaped formation. Some theories are that it has been uses as a calendar and some that it is a burial ground.

Looking out over the sea

Looking out on the sea from a 30 meter high place is quite impressive.

Heading of in to the horizon

Heading out to sea in this weather must be really nice!

Lonley boat at sea

Trying to stand straight

On the slopes everyone was really struggling not to fall, except the sheep’s.

Wind power in Skåne

/Thomas Tanisawa