Spending a day in Stockholm

Today was a sunny and hot summer day here in Stockholm. I took my camera and went in to town to have some lunch and maybe shoot some pictures. It was almost too warm to be walking around but when the sun finally shines you are not allowed to complain…

Leica M9, 28 and 50 summicron was used.

Stockholm Kulturhuset

Looking out from his outpost over the city.

Stockholm Plattan Sergels torg

Beach chairs has been put out on Sergels torg for tiered walkers or for those who want to have maximum attention.

Stockholm Plattan Sergels torg

Heavy rucksacks in the heat.

Stockholm Slottsbacken

Family discussing where to go next.

Stockholm Slottsbacken

A silent disapproval.

Stockholm Högvaktsterrassen

An umbrella in the sunshine is somewhat of a contrary, but it’s clever.

Stockholm Slottskajen

Just waiting for someone.

Stockholm Riksgatan

On vacation in Stockholm.

Stockholm Old Town

In the old part of Stockholm there are lot of small restaurants among the narrow streets where much needed shade could be found.


/Thomas Tanisawa