The winter is getting a grip of Sweden

There photos were taken in Skåne during March 2013 so it´s just a reminder of things to come. Anyway, this year there is almost no snow and the snow thrower is parked quietly in the garage… The only ones complaining is the kids…

Leica M9 and 50 Summicron


Some of you locals might recognize this road? Lövestads landsväg is the name of the road and it will today represent the typical winter in Skåne.


This is taken at Mossby strand. This is where we spend our summer vacation, at least when it´s not raining…


This could have been any sunny summer day, but it is not… Hard wind and under zero on the thermometer.


Water and wind is creating this cool patterns all over the beach!


It was just as cold as it looks…

/Thomas Tanisawa