Low flying balloon over Västerås

Short trip to Västerås for another exiting flight with the Rabbit-balloon! We did a quite long flight, over 2 hours instead of the normal 1-1,5 hours due to the absence of wind. People often think that the perfect weather for a balloon trip would be when the wind doesn´t blow at all. This would be true if you didn´t have to plan where to land. Since you can´t steer the balloon at all the pilot need SOME wind to be able to predict where he will land. During this flight there winds was almost nonexistent so we drifted everywhere before we finally found a good spot to land on.

Photos taken with Canon 5D II and EF 24-70 F/2.8L


Turn on the heat!


John, the first one to leave the balloon at 3000 feet…


Coming in low over Västerås. Might be a little bit to low…


Spectators cheering at us from bellow.


A small aircraft did some really close passing´s.


Safe on the ground again!

/Thomas Tanisawa