Sometimes I need to sand still, lift my head up and just look at things that are right there but I often miss or not notice that much.

In this post I have included a couple of pictures showing how the sun transforms the white clouds into something taken from a Disney movie. Just walking around under the fireworks of colors in the sky can make me feel really small or sometimes, that I´m part of something bigger.

above the sun is shining

This image reminds me of flying. Before take off, just sitting in the airplane when the rain falls down outside and everything is grey. Then just a couple of minutes after take off, as the plane pierces through the clouds and gets above the rain the sun almost explodes. Above the clouds the sky is always clear and the sun is always shining. I have seen it on so many flights but I still get amazed and surprised when I see it. The feeling I get when I look at this image is somewhat similar. That above the sometimes dark and shady streets there is a blue sky with a sun shining. They are just not always visible through the clouds.

coffee at the balcony

I like this house. I have never been inside but I like the way the balcony wraps around the corner of the building. I could easily imagine myself sitting on the balcony drinking my morning coffee in the sun.

clouds on the building

gondolen in sunsetThis must be one of the coolest places when the weather decides to put on a show. The name is Gondolen and it is a restaurant. Just imagine sitting at the bar, having a drink and just look at the city as it transform as the sun sets in the east.

stockholm in sunset

This post wouldn´t have been complete without a picture of Stockholm in sunset. Words are unnecessary…

I will try harder not to miss the small thing always visible. They are always there so I guess I just have to decide to notice them.

Love to all.