Jumping from the hot air balloon

Today we arrange another balloon activity for Aros skydiving club in Västerås. We made a total of two lifts with the balloon so that a total of 12 skydivers could jump.

Take off with the balloon

The first team takes to the sky for a super exiting trip!

Take off with the balloon

The balloon ascends quite into the sky and it only takes around 5-10 minutes to reach an altitude of 1200 meters, that is the planned jump height.

Burner with almost 10.000.000 watt of heat

The burners produce aprox. 10.000.000 watt of heat!

Google maps live

When gliding over the landscape you can´t help to compare it to Google maps…

Getting ready for the exit

First pair of skydivers waits for a go at the ledge of the balloon basket.

1200 meters up in the air

…and then the second pair climbs out to face 1200 meters of free air.

Landing point in sight

Can you see the small air strip in the upper left corner? The green field with the gray runway? That is our preferred landing place for this flight and in this case as an extra bonus, it´s just outside Aros skydiving center!

Langing outside of Aros club house

And of course we manage to get the balloon to the right place just outside of the club house!

/Thomas Tanisawa