Another day with Aros

This day was spent at Aros parachute club in Västerås for an exciting event. We were going to arrange parachute jumps from a hot air balloon. So off we went to Aros in Västerås with a big hot air balloon and meet up with some super exited skydivers. After some preparation and planning we went off to the starting point.

Canon 5D, 24-50 f/2.9L

This kitchen needs to be cleaned

This kitchen at the club looked like it was in need of some love and care, or at least a sign saying “Your mother doesn’t live here. Clean up by yourself!”

Inside the balloon

The balloon is starting to come in to shape. This is taken from inside of the balloon before we start filling it with hot air. To start with you only use two big fans, just to get the initial shape up…

Fiering up the balloon

…then comes the heat and there is a lot of it!

One minute after balloon takeoff

This is right after takeoff and the ground getting smaller quite fast!

Getting ready to jump

The first brave make his final preparation before taking a leap of faith.

Preparing to jump with wingsuite from balloon.

Then there was a wing suite jumper to dive outside of the balloon basket!

Preparing to jump from the balloon

The sun started to set over the beautiful landscape as jumpers left the balloon.

Jumpers in the air

This is what it looked like below the balloon. 1000 meters up in the air doesn’t give you much time to correct any errors on the way down…

Can you spot the two skydivers in the air?

Västerås from the air

Flying in over the city of Västerås. We had a really lovely flight and our three passengers that didn´t jump (they weren’t supposed to do that either) enjoyed it a lot!

Waiting for the balloon stransport

This is the not so fun part of flying balloon… waiting outside for the transport to arrive surrounded by millions of mosquitoes…

But flying hot air balloon is worth it!

/Thomas Tanisawa