Cold and sunny

Already a new year, 2015. The “old” 2014 feels suddenly so far away and I hope this year will bring lot of happiness and perhaps some new experiences along the way.

The weather has been shifting from cold and sunny to not that cold and windy. Not that cold is for me somewhere around zero and cold is in the region of minus 10. I totally prefer the cold and sunny but can´t wait until it turns to warm and sunny. That will probably not happen until April or so, always something to look forward to.

Anyway, here are some of the snaps from one of the cold and sunny days out on the lake. The girls wanted to go ice skating so of we went down to the frozen lake close to our house. The ice was almost 20 centimeter thick so the risk for it to brake felt quite small. You could probably drive a car out on the ice without any risk and since there were so many other out skating we decided to get out and hope for the best.

house by the lake

Location, location, location. The one thing you can´t change one you bought a house. To me this house ticks a lot of boxes, except it isn´t mine.

sisters ice skating

Sisters, sometimes they love each other and sometimes not…

My youngest one has quite recently lost both her front teeth and is patiently waiting until the new ones grows out…

catch me if you can on ice

Catch me if you can!


/Thomas Tanisawa